Mercedes Peris (Valencia, 1984) develops her artistic work through drawing, painting and animation. She has exhibited her work in various exhibitions such as «Sound vs Sense: Intersections» at the ICNY- Cervantes Institute New York and the «Skin» exhibition, organized by the London Wellcome Trust and the CSIC. He has exhibited «Black Mirror Dream» (audiovisual work created together with Ferrer-Molina) at Experimental Intermedia (2017, New York) and has made the sets for the premiere in Spain of the opera «Vrač», by Ivo Medek (2016, Association Spanish I+D Dance and Research and Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art of Spain).

As a draftsman and painter, she works on classic genres (such as the landscape and the nude) from her own perspective and with a personal plastic language. She has exhibited her works in various exhibitions together with Rosa Peris, and in group shows, highlighting the exhibition «Miserere Corde» (2015-Catholic University of Valencia) and «Places and dreams. A journey with the imagination” (2022 – Jarafuel).

As an animation producer and director «she works on the most experimental and artistic level» of this medium (Burguera, 2012, Las Provincias). She has directed 12 short films and has collaborated in the creation of several films. Her work “Shooting Star” has been defined as “little gem” (Cinzia Bottini, UPA Pictures). Her work with the greatest impact to date is «Libidinis» (directed with Rosa Peris), an animation that has been selected and exhibited at numerous national and international film and animation festivals and screenings (highlighting the «Best of the World» screening at Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2012) and for which he has won various awards (Curts Catalog 2011-Valencian Audiovisual and Cinematography Institute, Barcelona Visual Sound 2012, and AniMazSpot 2012-California, among others).

Mercedes Peris has a PhD in Fine Arts (Polytechnic University of Valencia-UPV 2016), she completed part of her doctoral studies at the Spanish School of Archeology in Rome. She has collaborated in the teaching of Movement Drawing and Animation at the UPV from 2008 to 2014.

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