Artist and twin

«Each one has her aesthetic personality and develops her artistic interests.»

I invite you to enjoy my sister Rosa Peris’ work by visiting her website:

I have a twin sister: Rosa Peris. We are both artists.

A few years ago, we participated in a study on twin artists, and that got me thinking about the question: we are not “twin artists”, but artists and twins. We’ve worked together on some of our animations, but except for those times, we always create our work independently. Each one has her aesthetic personality and develops her artistic interests.

However, we can also be considered relatives artistically. We have a similar trajectory: in the degree we almost always took the same subjects and we had the same teachers. We also have similar principles and artistic tastes, we talk a lot about art, we go out to draw together… and all this is perceived in our works.

In addition, the knowledge that we have of each other also leads us to support and guide each other in moments of creative difficulties, and to enhance our qualities.

When we exhibit our work by sharing the exhibition space, it is common for visitors to entertain themselves trying to define the similarities and differences between our artworks.

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