Citerea (2021)

Direction: Mercedes Peris

Music and sound: Juan Ferrer

Production: Mercedes Consuelo Peris Medina and Rosa Gertrudis Peris Medina

SYNOPSIS In a rococo garden, shepherds, nobles and comedians devote themselves in the games of love. In this bucolic environment in which the quotidan and the small are exalted, and the beauty of what seems insignificant at first glance is discovered, the ship for Cytherea, the island of happiness, is ready to sail.

My interest in expressing movement led me in 2006 to learn the technique of animation. Since then, I have made short films of various lengths. When working on an animation, many hours are spent to obtain as a result a work that can be seen in a few minutes (or even seconds). Fortunately, I have observed that animation is a genre in which difficulty and the effort it requires are still appreciated as a value today. However, as an author, I find that the biggest difficulty (rather than the number of drawings per second) is ensuring that aesthetic beauty and expression are not lost due to technical obstacles.

African Freaks (2017)

Animation to project during the performance of live music.

Music: Joan Soriano Morales

Animation: Mercedes Peris

Black Mirror Dream (2017)

Animation for the work by the sound artist Ferrer-Molina.

Sound: Ferrer-Molina

Animation: Mercedes Peris

When I started working on the technique of animation, it seemed important to me to eliminate the cinematographic cut as much as possible, and I tried to connect each shot with camera movements and other resources. However, over time, I have learned to appreciate the expressive possibilities of the cut, and how it can contribute to visual storytelling and expressiveness.

Vrač (2016)

Videos for the sets of the opera “Vrač”, by Ivo Medek  (2016, Spanish Association I+D Dance and Research and Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art of Spain – AMEE).

Estrella fugaz (2012)

Direction: Mercedes Peris

SYNOPSIS If you see a shooting star… make a wish!

Suite Amor(2010)

Direction: Mercedes Peris

SYNOPSIS: Love Suite tells how the passion of a musician drives him to join with his cello, turning into an only one body.

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